Digital Health Innovation

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Mobile Apps

Digital Health is the future of mobile applications. The development of customer-focused bespoke mobile applications has been one of the primary areas of focus for A&A and our customers. In our portfolio you can find mobile solutions based on the latest native technologies, such as Swift, JAVA, as well as XAMARIN among the hybrid ones. Besides building the backend functionality of the mobile app, we often are requested to design the appealing look of it and assist in its marketing upon delivery point.

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Web Apps

Building custom Healthcare web applications, tailored specifically for our clients and consulting such projects are the core digital health service of A&A. We manage and eliminate risk for our clients, by employing the knowledge of heavily experienced Digital Transformation consultants and developers and deep understanding of the challenges that healthcare faces. We have developed hand-made project management and development methodologies, that enable 100% success of the healthcare projects that we take on. Areas of expertise: .NET, MSSQL, Entity Framework, ASP.NET, Laravel, Symfony, JavaScript, Angular.

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User Interface Design

UX is a complex, multi-faceted process covering audience, market, best practice, and a bit of artistic license. We deliver conversion-focused graphic design, UX and UI consultancy to create user-centric solutions, to enable UX that not only delivers but anticipates audience’s needs.

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Creating healthcare applications that display data and
statistics from wearable medical and other IoT devices is an emerging technological advancement, that we have gained IT knowledge about. Software API integration, that enables data transfer between devices, designing and building
dashboards are among the IoT related services, which are part of A&A’s portfolio.

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Product Marketing Strategy

Products Marketing Strategy complements our technical services help create meaningful and solid digital healthcare brands. By teaming up with one of the more experienced Digital Healthcare marketing and PR agencies, we deliver unique suite of services that design and build digital
engagement programs that help healthcare organizations create more valuable long-term relationships with their
customers, patients and employees.

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Product Communication Strategy

The new mantra of digital healthcare brands is
“Communicate it well and they will think, act and embrace these important innovations.” We create communications strategies based on behavioural economics to realise the
digital healthcare mantra at every communication
touchpoint — Consulting, Medical Education, HCP
Promotion, Patient/Consumer Engagement, and Market Access.

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