AI & Machine Learning

The Future of Mobile

Technology powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning now serves millions to billions of people. It is not a vision of the future- it is happening here and now. So how can your business leverage these new technologies to transform your operations and engage a wider audience? In this free white paper, we explore the history of AI, how early adopters such as Google, Apple and Amazon are using it, and the opportunities it holds for mobile businesses.




AI is a multi-disciplinary field focused on building computing systems capable of performing increasingly human-like functions. In a world of ubiquitous connectivity, AI technologies are powerful tools for solving and automating complex business and operation problems.


With the rise in wearables and AI, healthcare is a particularly exciting field where machine learning is already starting to make a huge impact. We are starting to detect and monitor health conditions in real-time which will significantly improve patient outcomes.


Perhaps one of the most exciting advancements in mobile is that of autonomous ground, aerial and water based vehicles. These include self-driving cars alongside drones, for both commercial purposes (eg. automated deliveries) and personal transport.

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