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Interface Design

UX is a complex, multi-faceted process covering audience, market, best practice, and a bit of artistic license. We deliver conversion-focused graphic design, UX, and UI consultancy to create user-centric healthcare solutions and applications and to enable UX that not only delivers but anticipates the audience’s needs. Our skilled design team leverage the latest web standards to develop eye-catching solutions.





Wireframing provides the fundamental underpinning of a user’s journey. By mapping out in detail the functionalities on each screen and the workflows between them, Apppli helps clients to build a picture of how their product will work once developed.


Building on the user experience defined during wireframing, our designers work closely with clients and stakeholders to produce a number of concepts which can be developed into the screens that are ultimately hyperlinked and hosted to create a production ready prototype.


We anticipate how user’s will interact with the product, ensuring all interactions are seamless and intuitive. Testing the prototype with focus groups enables us to iterate and polish the user experience to perfection.


Engagement Models

Fixed Price Model:

This business model is characterised by clearly defining a fixed project specification, resources, time for delivery and budget.

Dedicated Team:

The Dedicated Team model is based around the idea of providing additional dedicated resources to companies, which need an additional IT team and extra capacity.

Time and Materials:

This business model operates on the “pay-as-you-go” basis, where you are invoiced monthly for the resources that you have used over the last billing period.


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