The Future of Evidence-Based Medicine

United Medicine revolutionises Evidence Based Medicine (EMB)- the practice of placing evidence from clinical research at the heart of medicine and patient care. They believe that “the current volume of information is vast, the quality inconsistent and the way it’s created and shared is outdated.” Our challenge was to provide medical practitioners with the most efficient, advanced yet easily accessible method of knowledge exchange for healthcare professionals.

“Present methods for sharing scientific and medical information are not fit for purpose

September 18, 2019
Healthcare Mobile apps
Client: United Medicine

Our Process

The Result

Product Discovery

We joined United Medicine at the product discovery stage. We helped boost ideation to map out the best product while carefully planning for commercial and technical requirements. Through identifying the needs and pain points of their target audience, we co-created a blueprint that helps United Medicine to deliver an optimal feature set and delightful user experience. This translated to a clearly defined future roadmap for United Medicine that takes into account their needs alongside the evolving market landscape.

A Mobile Blueprint

United Medicine views mobile as an opportunity to define the future of Evidence Based Medicine by providing a user-friendly, ‘trip-advisor’ style service. We advised them on how to achieve this across three platforms- iOS, Android and web. Curation, engagement and shareability are at the core of this. The final platform combines a curated content hub of peer-rated medical evidence and industry news, and gamification to increase user engagement, to make United Medicine a standout digital community.

We aim to increase our brand value by being the defacto NHS knowledge sharing platform