Mobile Strategy & Consultation for the NHS

Mobile Strategy & Consultation for the NHS

The Christie NHS Foundation Trust is a specialist hospital, mainly concerned with the treatment of cancer and associated diseases. They have been pioneering cancer research breakthroughs for over 100 years and are the largest cancer centre in Europe. Treating more than 40,000 patients each year, they were the first UK centre to be officially accredited as a comprehensive cancer centre.

Mobile devices and mobile apps are redefining the healthcare landscape and opening new opportunities for more efficient patient and clinician engagement, administrative simplification, collaboration, research support, executive reporting and more.

Category: Healthcare Mobile apps
Client : The Christie’s Oncology Department


Our Role

Mhealth in Oncology

To date, the most important aspect of mhealth in oncology is to raise awareness and educate about cancer. Mobile technology is becoming more and more accepted and widespread in oncology and is sure to go above and beyond general awareness. Mobile health in oncology is likely to focus more and more on specific conditions and types of cancer, be used as credible sources, provide practical support for managing life with cancer and also, have a more direct doctor-patient relationship that goes beyond the hospital walls.

Mobile Strategy

We worked with the Christie’s Oncology Department trust to develop the business case for a series of mobile-focused strategies for improving engagement with patients at different stages of treatment. In addition to workshops with stakeholders, we conducted surveys and interviews to identify their needs and expectations; performed competitor analyses and identified broader market trends; and set forth a series of actionable recommendations relating to product development and go-to-market that culminated in a formal report submitted to the Board of the Trust.

By using mobile devices in the healthcare setting, practices have the potential to enhance productivity, lower failure-to-respond rates, increase information access and communication.