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Employee engagement through Mobile

We have been approached by the Human Resource Department of Kingston Hospital to help them fashion a solution that caters to their staff more efficiently and proactively. With almost 3000 staff members, managing employees’ needs, questions, appointments, and where they get relevant information from can be a daunting task. The solution to the HR Department’s problem was AskHR – an iOS and Android app that act as a hub for the hospital’s staff members. The HR Department at Kingston Hospital aims to test out the app within their facility for a short-term period before rolling it out to HR departments in other trusts across the UK.

Mobile HR apps help put data at employees’ fingertips. […] This kind of 24/7/365 connectivity is important to a generation of wired-in (or, more precisely, wireless) professionals.

September 18, 2019
Healthcare Mobile apps
Client: Kingston Hospital HR

The Solution

Our Role


The app includes all the information a staff member might need. Whether they are a new starter or have been in service for 10+ years, the app provides usability for everyone. The app has accessible resource tools such as an annual leave calculator, a vacancy control panel, an emotional wellbeing toolkit, an in-app appointment booking system, information relevant at hand and many more functionalities that keep the staff in charge of their well being and highly engaged with their HR department.

Value in Co-Creation

With the idea to make the app as usable as possible for its employees, the short-term aim for Kingston Hospital is to demonstrate its effectiveness and the longer-term plan is to have HR departments at other trusts use it. Our combined expertise layed the ground for co-creation. the HR team conveyed exactly what the employees would need from an at-hand product and we knew exactly how best to present the experience in a user-friendly manner. Understanding the needs of both the client and the NHS staff from all departments was a crucial point. Keeping the staff in mind, it was important to create a simple and usable design far from over designed aesthetics and unnecessary interactions. The idea of a multipurpose toolkit app acts alongside the HR department, giving clarity and control in the working environment to staff 24/7 365 days a year.

If you would like to know more about AskHR visit www.askhr.3amp.com

Last year, 63% of healthcare organizations had a specific plan in place for mobility. That’s up from 34% since 2012.