The chalenge

Boehringer Ingelheim came to us with the challenge of raising awareness of the rare chronic lung disease idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF). IPF is a rare and misunderstood disease that currently has no cure and limited treatment options. For patients with IPF, every breath counts. 80% of lungs with IPF sound like Velcro being separated. The Sounds of IPF app helps doctors learn about the unique “Velcro crackles” commonly heard in patients’ lungs. This practice helps doctors recognize IPF sounds.

“The first thing we ought to recognize is that mobile is now part of the fabric — every day in everybody’s life. So if you’re not looking at mobile solutions, then you’re not really looking at all solutions.”

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Client : Boehringer Ingelheim

Our Role

Our Role

Gamification in Healthcare

The app stores a series of recorded auscultations of both diseased and healthy lungs. The user experience takes the format of a quiz. Doctors will listen to 4 sets of recordings and have to identify the IPF one amongst them. After the test is over, the listener will be scored to see whether they passed the test.

Campaign Results & Tech

We designed Android and iOS apps that fit into Boehringer Ingelheim’s multi-channel awareness campaign. Other channels include the BI IPF Youtube channel and the inIPF website where a self-test is also available. The app is promoted on all of BI IPF’s digital channels. The app and web page enable no-cost self-screening by patients themselves and can help start their journey to awareness and diagnosis. The app is hailed for the potential health benefits of an early diagnosis as well as being the only form of treatment and awareness prior to a costly intervention.

“Cost saving is also a big driver [of gamification in healthcare] because it’s extremely inexpensive and scalable when compared to other solutions”