IoT Solutions

Wearable medical devices enabled by IoT play a vital role in healthcare. They collect information which is essential for patients to have control of their health and for doctors and medical entities to improve the healthcare and life of the patients. With the help of IoT, healthcare companies can collect information, analyze it and gather an in-depth understanding of the patient’s behavior. Thus getting better control over the healthcare outcome.



3AMP can develop advanced mobile and web applications for healthcare assistive and diagnostic wearable devices.Let us help you to collect and manage data in a better way.

  • Healthcare Wearable Devices Software
  • Fitness and Wellness Wearable Devices Software
  • Smartwatch App Development


Engagement Models

Fixed Price Model:

This business model is characterised by clearly defining a fixed project specification, resources, time for delivery and budget.

Dedicated Team:

The Dedicated Team model is based around the idea of providing additional dedicated resources to companies, which need an additional IT team and extra capacity.

Time and Materials:

This business model operates on the “pay-as-you-go” basis, where you are invoiced monthly for the resources that you have used over the last billing period.


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3AMP is an internationally recognised Digital Healthcare Agency providing a broad range of software development services, consultancy, and innovative technology solutions. At 3AMP we have amassed experience in developing software solutions in complex regulatory environments. Our experience has spanned building software in compliance with local and international regulations, such as HIPAA compliance, FDA regulations, NHS IG compliance, data breach laws, and others.

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