Web Apps


Web Apps

We support our customers in their effort to improve patient care and health, and to save lives by building advanced healthcare web applications and custom software solutions. Building Custom Healthcare Web Applications, tailored specifically for our clients and consulting such projects are the core digital health service of 3AMP. We manage and eliminate the risk for our clients by employing the knowledge of profoundly experienced Digital Transformation consultants and developers. Our strengths are experience in developing validated applications and systems for regulated environments. We comply with GMP and have experience in development of HIPPA compliant solutions.



An advanced set of healthcare web applications and software solutions for patients and hospitals

  • Custom Healthcare Software Solutions
  • Hospital Management Solutions
  • EMR/EHR solutions
  • Healthcare CRM Solutions
  • Medical Websites


Cutting-edge Technologies for a Better Healthcare

Many of the clients that we work with rely on our judgment about which technologies should be used for a reliable back-end of the web application in combination with a flexible and appealing front end. Based on our experience over the last 10 years of building web apps, we have built our expertise around the technology stack below due to the excellent results that we have achieved for our customers and our own products.


Why Building a Healthcare Web Application with 3AMP?

  • Strategic Partner and Vendor for Leading Pharma Companies
  • Proven Methodologies for Project Management and Delivery
  • Cutting-edge Technologies Implemented in Your Project
  • Expert in Compliance, Regulations and Software Development in Regulated Environments
  • Covering all Areas of Healthcare and Life Science
  • Exceptional Support, Monitoring and Maintenance
  • A Portfolio of Successfully Delivered Projects and Own Products

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Complex Medical Processes Transformed into a Straightforward User Interface

We build Interactive, eye-catching and intuitive user interface for our healthcare web applications. Choosing the right front-end technology to construct an attractive and at the same time simple user interface can transform your application. Many examples of successful project with attractive UI are available in our portfolio.


Engagement Models

Fixed Price Model: 

This business model is characterised by clearly defining a fixed project specification, resources, time for delivery and budget. 

Dedicated Team: 

The Dedicated Team model is based around the idea of providing additional dedicated resources to companies, which need an additional IT team and extra capacity.

Time and Materials:

This business model operates on the “pay-as-you-go” basis, where you are invoiced monthly for the resources that you have used over the last billing period.