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Digital Innovation

We co-create digital platforms with innovators in healthcare, who share our mission: to foster practical benefit for patients, clinicians and society through technology. We are a multi-award winning team of healthcare professionals, creatives, software engineers and visionaries united by a single goal: to enable companies and professionals to make a meaningful impact on UK’s healthcare.

We are collaborators with values, committed to research and development, to finding better answers, to blending rigour with magic to accelerate strategic innovation and create stand-out products for our clients.

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Who we are

  • Strategic Partner and Vendor for numerous Fortune 500 pharma companies
  • Proven Methodologies for Project Management and Delivery
  • Cutting-edge Technologies Implemented in Your Project
  • Expert in Compliance, Regulations and Software Development in Regulated Environments
  • Covering All Areas of Healthcare and Life Science
  • Exceptional Support, Monitoring, and Maintenance
  • A Portfolio of Successfully Delivered Projects and Own Products
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Our Leadership Team

We help businesses elevate their value through custom solutions,
development, QA, and consultancy services.

Nader Alaghband

Founder & CEO

Ivan Lekushev


Ivailo Ivanov


Mark Duman

Chief Patient Officer
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Improve and Innovate
with the Tech Trends


We have years of experience in developing validated applications and systems for regulated environments, as well as HIPPA compliant solutions in accordance with the international GMP regulations.

mobile development 100%
web development 100%
ui/ux design 100%
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How we do it

  • Branding // Create your brand personality
  • User Experience // Standout with user experience and user interface design
  • Alpha/ Beta // Develop your MVP to test in your target market
  • Launch // Showcase your product to the world

Our experience and time has been invested in the continuous development of internal methodologies and policies for: Project Discovery, Risk Management, Project Management, Software Development and Quality Assurance. We have introduced the concept of CTO as a Service, to enable our clients exposure to on-demand consultancy on projects’ architecture, infrastructure and delivery strategy, while we provide the capacity of technical expertise and support, to guide our customers through their Digital Transformation journey.

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Software development outsourcing is just a tool to achieve business goals. But there is no way to get worthwhile results without cooperation and trust between a client company.
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