We co-create digital platforms with innovators in healthcare, who share our mission: to foster practical benefit for patients, clinicians and society through technology. We are a multi-award winning team of healthcare professionals, creatives, software engineers and visionaries united by a single goal: to enable companies and professionals to make a meaningful impact on UK’s healthcare.

We are collaborators with values, committed to research and development, to finding better answers, to blending rigour with magic to accelerate strategic innovation and create stand-out products for our clients.

We are award-winning

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"Mobile is a global phenomenon, like our team, our clients and our ambition."

We love guiding brands from concept to launch

Our Skills & Specialities


    During discovery, we help you establish product-market fit, through structured planning and articulation of business goals. We map out every feature, function and objective for your product and translate it into a transparent, agile project roadmap and strategy.


    User experience is at the core of all we do. UX is a complex, multi-faceted process covering audience, market, best practice and a bit of artistic license. Our seamless user experience not only delivers, but anticipates your audience’s needs. UX differentiates an average brand from an unforgettable one.


    We empower you to standout from competitors and disrupt your marketplace with a look and feel that reflects your brand and vision. Our creatives are passionate about beautiful, immersive brand experiences that bring your ideas to life and captivate your audiences.


    We build brands across all platforms and technologies from mobile and web to IoT, Wearables and beyond. Our talented engineers produce compelling, user-focused concepts, prototypes and products across databases, PHP, Javascript, MySQL, Node and everything in between.


    Our standout creative captures audiences across all channels and mediums. Our artists and wordsmiths craft award-winning work and campaigns – from mobile content and videos to offline billboards and banners.


    Our joint Research & Development programmes give our clients a platform for rapid, iterative innovation. We are passionate about Smart Homes, IoT, AI and location-based tech, and can advise you on how to integrate these new and exciting technologies into your brand.

A&A’s Delivery Approach

Our experience and time has been invested in the continuous development of internal methodologies and policies for: Project Discovery, Risk Management, Project Management, Software Development and Quality Assurance. We have introduced the concept of CTO as a Service, to enable our clients exposure to on-demand consultancy on projects’ architecture, infrastructure and delivery strategy, while we provide the capacity of technical expertise and support, to guide our customers through their Digital Transformation journey.

Meet the makers

The Ampersand Family


Ivan Lekushev


Ivailo Ivanov

Chief Patient Officer

Mark Duman

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Matt Wilson

Founder & CEO

Nader Alaghband

Creative Director

Boris Cardozo

Finance Director

Christine Sammes

Head of Talent

Meichele Lehous

Clinical Steering Committee

Professor Bu' Hayee

Clinical Steering Committee

Dr Gareth Parks


John Spearman

Clinical Steering Committee

Dr Jahan Mahmood

Clinical Steering Committee

Dr James Galloway


David Reid

Head of Service Delivery

David Carter

Marketing Strategist

Rawane Jabara

Marketing Executive

Joey Anderson

iOS Lead

Tom Richardson

Product Manager

Raghu Ram Nair

Android Lead

Apurva Saxena

Art Director

Jose Fernandez

Senior Full Stack Dev

Gregor Tramsak

Senior Full Stack Dev

Josep Bonet

Commercial Director

Dalia Nightingale

Junior Business Analyst/ Test Analyst

Fan Xiyu