The Future of Evidence-Based Medicine

United Medicine

The Client

United Medicine

Evidence based medicine (EBM) emphasizes the examination of evidence from clinical research as one of the most important aspects to practice medicine. United Medicine is in the business of revolutionizing EBM. They believe that “the current volume of information is vast, the quality inconsistent and the way it’s created shared, outdated”. Our challenge was to provide medical practitioners with the most efficient, advanced yet easily accessible method of knowledge exchange for healthcare professionals.

Present methods for sharing scientific and medical information are not fit for purpose.



Our Process

Product Discovery

We were involved with UMed at a product discovery stage. Our job consisted of gathering commercial requirements, boosting ideation and setting the platform for a technical knowledge acquisition exercise. The first step was to identify the target group, list their needs and pain points and then gauge product key features. The entirety of this exercise carved a product blue-print for UMed that eventually helps them understand their user behavior better, provide them with the right functionalities navigated by a delightful user experience. Furthermore, the discovery phase of our collaborative work helped set a future roadmap for UMed taking into account their needs as well as the evolving market landscape.


EBM is practised in complex, semirational, constantly changing health care systems, which sometimes actually establish barriers to the incorporation of evidence into practice.


The Result

A Mobile BluePrint

After having reviewed UMed’s existing technology, we consulted them for three developmental projects: iOS, Android and web. The final product will serve to fulfill UMed’s overarching goals, which are to carve the future of medical evidence by providing a “trip advisor”-esque service. Indeed, the product acts as a hub of relevant, peer-rated medical evidence curated to suit each user from Pubmed. The platform also makes it easy for users to share select content. A layer of gamification is added to increase user engagement and industry-relevant information are also delivered via the platform making UMed a true digital community-base for its stakeholders.

We aim to increase our brand value by being the defacto NHS knowledge sharing platform