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Investing in innovation is risky. We work with founders, innovators and investors in early-stage businesses to reduce exposure to these risks by:

  • Using lean start-up, performance marketing and classical research techniques to determine product-market fit
  • Providing short-term technical resources to accelerate innovation, facilitate pivots and reduce time to market.
  • Auditing existing technology, platforms & apps, in reference to best practice, code authenticity, and scalability
  • Using our network to source senior technical talent, including CTOs, Senior Engineers and Dev Ops.

Our joint research and development programmes give our clients a platform for rapid, iterative innovation. We predict and anticipate technical innovations and shifting sands, and help position you as the disruptors rather than the disrupted.


As a non-technical founder, your goal is to get a product out in the market quickly and build a business. Do whatever it takes to launch the product – get a technical cofounder, hire a developer or outsource the development.




For Founders

We are a multi-competency resource for growth-focused Founders. Our mindset is that of a start up – we share our clients’ hunger, passion and commitment to excellence and we understand that running an early-stage, high-growth venture can be all consuming, with time and funding squeezing you from both ends.

We use high velocity principles like growth hacking, rapid prototyping and agile development to  to reduce uncertainty by obtaining validations early in the cycle and reduce time to market. And when time comes for a pivot, we can resource up quickly, so you don’t miss the opportunity.


Coding isn’t the most important skill to be the founder of a mobile-first business. An entrepreneur has to have the insight and understanding of the market and the problems faced by their potential audience. An entrepreneur must be able to execute on his or her vision well for the product to resonate with the audience.



For Investors

We help VCs and Angel Investors make smarter decisions about potential investments in the mobile and technology space. Our team has decades of experience investing in, building and growing businesses. We recognise that early stage investments are investments in teams, technologies and IP as much as they are balance sheets, cashflows and customer contracts. We ask difficult questions and provide guidance on scalability, robustness, security, IP and investment worthiness.

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Developers are handing in 1,000 new mobile apps for iOS and Android every single day — and those apps are coming out because users keep eating them up.

(Jeremy Lewis, facebook)