Research & Insights

R & D is in our DNA.  We seek to innovate collaboratively and on our own account, to develop intellectual property and to spin out products and platforms in industries that we expect to be big in the future. We are concerned with techology ethics and technology policy and are regular contributors to relevant debates in the media.


Our joint R&D programmes give our clients a platform for rapid, iterative innovation, helping them foresee shifting sands and positioning them as disruptors rather than disrupted. Please contact us to find out more about our research driven, performance oriented approach.



The Internet of Things will transform our lives. But, with concerns to do with privacy, security and user experience, we have a long way to go until this is a reality. We see complexity in the multiple network protocols, standards and development platforms currently available and are looking at how the cutting edge of tech can cut through. Our thinking is covered by the Financial Times, Wearable Tech and more.


AI is on the cusp of widespread adoption. We’re interested in how big data can contribute to more intuitive, seamless UX and more personalised and compelling CX. We explore these themes by hosting and participating in hackathons, developing platforms that showcase the latest tech and helping companies envisage how they will be affected by AI. Get in touch if you think we can help.