Disrupting the On-Demand Delivery Market


The Client


The billion dollar on demand convenience delivery market has boomed since 2014, however it still remains remarkably unsaturated as grocery and convenience stores fight to transition online. Pilot is an on demand delivery app that plans to disrupt the very competitive grocery delivery market in London by guaranteeing deliveries in under 30 mins.

The On Demand Economy is Revolutionising Consumer Behaviour Around the World



Our Role

User Experience & Strategy

Pilot operates in a competitive landscape, with several other companies delivering groceries at short notice in London and beyond. By conducting in-depth market research as a precursor to production, we were able to identify inadequately served audiences – for example parents, stuck at home with young children – and to craft a user experience, identity and content strategy that resonates more widely than the competition.


The internet makes human desires more easily attainable. In other words, it offers convenience. Convenience on the internet is basically achieved by two things: speed, and cognitive ease. If you study what the really big things on the internet are, you realise they are masters at making things fast and not making people think.


Our Role


We implemented a suite of integrations, ensuring a seamless e-commerce experience, minimising transaction costs and optimising delivery pathways. In addition to the above, we articulated the company’s positioning, developed an elegant look and feel, developed an iOS application, a fully responsive website and a sophisticated backend to support the business from the ground up.

The On-Demand Economy is here to stay. It will represent the fastest and most significant shift in spending since the advent of internet commerce.