Mobile is the Intersection of the Physical and the Digital

Live Events

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We partner with world-leading events such as Ogilvy Lab Day Live, TedX ClaphamWikimania Festival and Champions League Final to:

  • Engage Consumers at Live Events
  • Retain Audiences Post-Event with Branded Content
  • Differentiate with Stand-Out User Experience
  • Encourage Social Interaction and Shares

We specialise in advanced technology such as beacons, the Internet of Things and wearables that are vital to visitor engagement at live events. Our experienced team of creatives, technologists and strategists plan out your event in meticulous detail and identify which technology can support unforgettable experiences on the day. We understand how important the pre and post event stages are and map out a clear event strategy that leverages the mobile channel to achieve success.


It’s predicted there will be 4.5 million active beacons by the end of 2018, up from <250,000 in 2014/15. (B I Intelligence: Beacons Market Forecast)



Our Role

Fully Immersive Experiences

Advanced location-based technology such as beacons and magnetography, wearables and augmented reality are revolutionising the events industry. A simple map and agenda will no longer suffice-visitors expect full immersion through smart, multi-media content that captures all of their senses. Our user experience specialists anticipate and exceed your visitors’ expectations through seamless, stand-out content delivery and smart technology.


Globally, it’s estimated that 570 million Android and Apple smartphones are compatible with Bluetooth low energy (BLE), the signal used by beacons to trigger smartphone apps. This is one-third of the smartphone installed base.


Our Role

Post-Event Engagement

Our creatives and technologists work hard to ensure that our mobile products continue to provide real customer value and engagement beyond the end of your event. We plan clear post-event strategies to tap into your visitors’ needs- whether it is sharing conference notes or social media videos with colleagues and friends, continuing to receive the latest industry thought-leadership, or attending similar upcoming events. We understand that engagement at the event is just one of the many indicators of success.

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