Co-creating value for the NHS

KCH & Barts

The Client

KCH + Barts

We co-created an iOS app for KCH and The Royal London Hospital (Barts) Gastroenterology Departments for the Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) condition. The two trusts are teaching hospitals and are two of the busiest in the UK. The app was designed with the whole nation in mind, co-creating and testing it with gastroenterologist consultants at the two trusts prior to rolling it out to Gastroenterology departments across 100 trusts in the UK.

People are mobile and professionals in healthcare are going around from room to room and hospital to hospital. It’s not like they sit in one place. Technologies are catching up to the needs.



Our Value

Co-Creation in Healthcare

After having done their market research and finding out that there are a few apps on the market designed to support patients with IBD, the consultants came to us with the intention to innovate in that space. The available apps were too general and not engaging enough, giving patients and their doctors not enough functionality for support and communication. Our combined expertises were the two pillars of our co-creation project, allowing positive influence on process and results deriving the most value from the design of the product.


The treatment of IBD is currently suboptimal. Continuous monitoring of patients with IBD, patient engagement and early treatment adjustments are still difficult hurdles


The Result

IBD Care

We designed an app that allows patients and doctors to interact with one another in a secure manner. A robust backend allows for a national roll-out: different hospitals could use and tailor the app to their own patients. The app allows users to learn more about their condition, hospital and doctors that are treating them. It also allows a booking system with reminders and an internal mapping tool to help patients get to their appointments more easily. The app also allows for patients to fill in a PROMs questionnaire and send it to the IBD care team through a secure server, anonymized, to protect patient data. In general, the app allows for engagement to happen beyond the walls of the hospital, makes some aspects of the admin-work paperless, and facilitates self-reporting amongst other things.

The use of value co-creation in health care involves embedding the approach across the whole healthcare system — from the microsystem level to the mesosystem and the entire macrosystem.