Human Capital Management in Healthcare

Public Health systems are among the world’s biggest employers, many with hundreds or thousands of employees to manage. The NHS is the 5th biggest employer worldwide with a workforce totalling 1.7 million. Digitisation, and in particular mobile penetration, has created new, effective and efficient ways for hospitals and trusts to manage their human capital. Find out more on Ampersand’s recent human capital management collaboration with a large NHS Trust.




The NHS is mandated to ‘go-digital’ by 2023 and there is explosive demand for cost effective access to technology that can replace workplace inefficiency and increase engagement. Ampersand developed a simple, effective app that facilitates employee interaction with the HR department, reduces administration costs and allows access to important employment resources anytime and anyplace.


Ampersand’s platform will be available to other organisations within the NHS in early Summer 2017. Please get in touch or visit to find out more.


Ampersand co-creates smart digital services with hospitals and trusts. As a social impact business, we share the values of the NHS and its staff. We will work with you to craft services that save time, money, effort and usually paper and we will help ensure that it complies with best practice and institutional guidelines, so that your staff, patients and managers benefit from cost-effective, timely e-service implementation.