Enhancing Engagement at the Champions League Final

HTC & Facebook

The Client

HTC & Facebook

HTC wanted to use its sponsorship of the Champions League Final to showcase its latest handsets in an engaging, lighthearted way. Digital and social media engagement played an unprecedented role in the 2014 final, which attracted over 150 million viewers across 200 countries worldwide. Through partnering with facebook and Megabooth, HTC anticipated this by deciding to combine photo sharing and facebook to meet its goals.

Complementing traditional coverage was the use of key digital platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and YouTube, extending the number of followers of UEFA’s official social media channels to around the 22 million mark.



Our Role

User Experience

We worked with HTC’s sponsorship activation team, Facebook’s partnerships team and Megabooth to develop a simple but effective application allowing people to take and share exclusive, branded images with their friends on Facebook.


175,000+ new Facebook likes, including a UEFA record 200,000 likes for a single post on Saturday, pushing the total number of supporters on the official UEFA Champions League page close to 9 million.


Our Role


The brief required us to work to a two week timeline, to account for the regulations and guidelines imposed by UEFA on its sponsors and to navigate complex programmatic requirements imposed on us by Facebook’s APIs. Our ability to turn around high quality work under pressure meant that we were re-engaged to produce similar work for the 2014 World Cup and the 2015 Champions League Final.

The final attracted a peak of 23.78 million (average 22.5 million) viewers in Germany, a record for a UEFA Champions League fixture in the country.