Health Data

Public and private healthcare institutions recognise the importance of digital innovation in improving patient experience and patient outcomes.  A central underlying requirement is well structured data . Ampersand is an award-winning provider of Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) technology that increases patient engagement, reduces hospital costs and improves efficiency by creating a stream of status data that can readily be incorporated into standard clinical processes. Check out our case studies to find out more how we’ve helped NHS Trusts build robust and easy-to-use software that captures PROMs data.



Patient Reported Outcome Measures are health outcomes directly reported by patients pre- and post- medical treatment. PROMs are widely captured using paper-based questionnaires and surveys that are rapidly being replaced by e-PROMs, facilitated by email and mobile applications.


At present, clinicians spend 7-10 minutes on work-ups at the beginning of each appointment. They rely on quasi anecdotal accounts by patients which may not be an accurate reflection of patient status over the treatment period.


The market for patient reported data capture is unconsolidated, global and spans public and private health, insurance and pharma sectors. Ampersand has developed a suite of PROMs software, including a mobile offering for patients and a SaaS platform for clinicians and administrators; that facilitates PROMs capture from patients with any chronic condition, as well as providing medication and appointment reminders, signposting and portable patient records. The suite launches in Summer 2017.