Accelerating Innovation with Agile Technology

Financial Services

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Financial Services

We partner with smart financial institutions across both investment and retail banking sectors to solve their pain points with advanced, robust technology that:

  • Streamlines Internal Processes
  • Grows Acquisitions
  • Provides Seamless Access to Information
  • Accelerates Revenue Growth
  • Engages and Retains Clients & Consumers

Our agile approach to product development and emphasis on security de-risks the complexity of mobile banking and financial services. We help you to navigate the diverse mobile ecosystem as your clients, consumers and colleagues access your services and internal systems across multiple channels, devices and platforms. We combat the complexity of the underlying legacy architecture that financial services pivot on by providing agile strategies to accelerate innovation.


“We’re going to need to think more like technology companies and maybe a little less like banks” Richard Fairbank, Chief Executive of Capital One


Our Role

Security & Scalability

We follow rigorous processes to identify, measure, mitigate and monitor any potential security and privacy risks. We employ tools and practices to guarantee security protocol such as device fingerprinting, secure back-end servers, trusted third-party suppliers and continual security monitoring and testing. Secure coding policies, test driven deployment, continuous integration and delivery compliment rigorous quality assurance to ensure business continuity, seamless integration and adherence to best practice.


The digital world is driving changes in banking at great speed – open innovation helps us stay agile by screening innovative ideas on a global scale in a short amount of time.

Markus Pertlwieser, Chief Digital Officer at Deutsche Bank


Our Role

Agile Development

Our experienced team anticipates your user’s needs and provides a seamless user experience across the whole mobile ecosystem in which web, apps and services are accessed across multiple devices and platforms in a non-linear way.

Our agile approach to development delivers fast, efficient project turnarounds, unhindered by the lengthy processes of larger organisations. We work in short 3-4 week sprints, with transparent milestones and deliverables and can scale up or down seamlessly to match evolving project requirements. We can work as a standalone agency or as a dedicated consultancy arm within your own organisation.

By combining new advances in cloud technology with emerging best practices in legacy decommissioning, banks can shrink their costs and create space for digital innovation.

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