Cash in on Mobile


The emergence of several key trends in the mobile app space dictates the main monetization strategies. First, the free-to-play model is on the rise and seems to be here to stay. Second, the apps that monetise best have a clear monetisation model built into the app’s design and overall user experience. Third, advertising continues to be the largest source of mobile revenue although in-app purchase revenue is steadily catching up. Download the whitepaper to get an insight into the available mobile monetization models. Download Whitepaper


Acquisition is the starting point of the mobile revenue funnel and the first 2-4 weeks are the most important in retaining your users. After you’ve got your users in, it is important to keep them engaged by – for example – using an app’s functionality as a means of engagement.


It is only after a user has been “secured” that monetization can start. Rarely does a user monetize on the first few sessions. There is a plethora of revenue channels in the mobile space, from paid downloads to in-app items and subscriptions. Every app business will have a different monetization strategy to make it profitable.


A good user experience is one of the most crucial elements of an app’s success. It can make or break the app. Most apps create an experience that hooks the user and slowly decrease the free-of-charge model. The key is to make it as seamless as possible while making sure your customers are happy to pay for extras, without getting frustrated!